Useful resources for UNISON Activists

The Barnsley Health branch of UNISON is run by a committee which consists of members elected to take on different roles. The branch holds regular meetings, including an annual general meeting.

This section of the website is designed to give UNISON activists in the branch useful information including Branch roles, Branch Officer descriptions, guidelines for stewards, Branch rules, Code of good Branch practice and much more. Let us know if there is anything else that would prove useful to your work in the union.

Essential material for activists

Stewards handbook, rulebook and H&S 'six pack'

Stewards Handbook pdf logo Essential advice for UNISON stewards

UNISON Rulebookpdf logo Any questions about the rules of the union - you'll find them here!

UNISON Code of Good Branch Practice pdf logoIts purpose is to guide branches and branch officers on how they should meet the requirements placed upon them by UNISON’s rules, and to give guidance and advice on the many practical, constitutional, organisational and procedural issues that confront branches.

Health & Safety 'Six Pack pdf logo Guide to six European health and safety regulations

Helping and recruiting members

Helping members

When UNISON members face problems at work, the first person they should turn to is their UNISON steward. Being confident about how you advise the member is a critical first stage. Having a Case Form at hand to help the member record all the aspects of the problem shows that you have an efficient approach. Knowing how to advise the member - what should be done - comes next. Find out more...

Working with the employer

UNISON branches and stewards have always got involved in local bargaining, but now they are concerned with a far wider range of issues than a few years ago. Privatisation, contracting out and employers' policies mean that much more is dealt with at local level. Find out more...

Recruiting members

One of the most vital jobs of a steward is to recruit new members. Organised workplaces with a high density of union membership means UNISON will have much greater influence with local management and with employers.

Members will have a stronger sense of confidence and ability to change things, together with much higher chances of winning recognition in non-recognised workplaces. Find out more...