UNISON Barnsley Health Branch

Save Our Nhs PicOur Branch, is run by a committed group of individuals and UNISON Members. NOT ONLY are we passionate about the NHS where we all work and the public services that are provided, we are continually striving to ensure our members are receiving the best support during this time of crisis and privatisation of the NHS.

Branch life

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It is important that all departments have effective steward representation, especially in a world of constant change. If you are interested in becoming a Steward or Health & Safety Representative, or if you know of someone within your department who is willing to represent your views to Management, please get in touch with the Branch Office on 01226 299607.

Branch roles and officer positions

Branch roles
Workplace contacts
This is an ideal role for someone who is interested in becoming a steward or safety rep and wants to find out more about what’s involved. Find out more

A UNISON steward is an elected rep who helps organise, recruit and represent members in their workplace. Find out more

Health and Safety reps
A UNISON health and safety rep helps to make sure that people’s jobs and their workplaces do not cause injury or ill-health.


Branch officer descriptions

Branch Chair
Someone who facilitates branch and committee meetings (some are also senior negotiators).
Branch Secretary
The main contact person with the wider union who handles branch admin (may also be senior negotiators).
Branch Treasurer
Responsible for managing branch finances, including keeping accounts.
Branch Young Members Officer
Advises and helps recruit young members while ensuring their voices have an influence across the union.
Equalities Officers
Work on equal rights issues including sex, race, disability and lesbian and gay issues (there may be up to four per branch).
Branch Education Co-ordinator
Helps arrange training courses and education programmes for members, stewards, health and safety reps and branch officers.
Branch Communications Officers
Co-ordinates branch newsletters, websites and other media.
Branch International Officers
Develop and lead on international solidarity activities including campaigns, twinnings and support for projects abroad.
Retired Members Officer
Supports UNISON retired members by campaigning on their behalf and organising local activities.
APF Political Officer
Liases with the local Labour Party and makes sure the views of UNISON members who pay the APF levy are heard.


Who's who in the branch

Branch Officers

Branch Chairperson Val Rimmington
Branch Secretary Kathryn Holloway
Treasurer Elizabeth Mawson
Lead Steward Elizabeth Mawson
Equality Officer Elizabeth Mawson
Health and Safety Officer Elizabeth Mawson/Valerie Rimmington/
Mary Sawyer/Monica Owen/Darren Nunn
Education Co-ordinator/
Lifelong Learning Co-ordinator
Mary Sawyer
G4S Healthcare Steward Diane Coldwell
Membership & Recruitment Officer Elizabeth Mawson/Monica Owen
G4S Healthcare Lead Diane Coldwell
Welfare Officer
BAOT Representative Kathryn Holloway
Social Secretary Mary Sawyer
Retired Members’ Secretary Joyce Winsett
Auditors Joanne Smith/Beverley Vickers

BHNFT Stewards

Val Rimmington (Branch Chairperson)
Liz Mawson (BHNFT Lead Steward)
Kat Holloway (BAOT)
Darren Nunn (Health & Safety Officer)
Joyce Winsett (Retired members)
Monica Owen (Membership and Recruitment Officer)
Mary Sawyer (Learner Rep)
Diane Coldwell (G4S Rep)

All stewards can be contacted via the Branch office direct line 01226 299607
or 01226 432393

Email address: unisonbarnsleyhealth@btconnect.com

Steward Profiles

Val Rimmington: Assistant Branch Secretary & Branch Chair

Val RimmingtonVal Rimmington
Contact number: 07880592821.

Assistant Branch Secretary and Branch Chair. 

I have been a steward for Barnsley Health UNISON for many years and have dealt with many issues for our members.  I also sit on Job Evaluation Panels and I attend Regional and National meetings. 


Liz Mawson: Lead Steward, Treasurer and Equality Officer

Liz MawsonLiz Mawson
Lead Steward, Treasurer and Equality officer
Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Library Assistant
Barnsley Hospital Staff Library
BHNFT Education Centre

I was elected as the UNISON Lead Steward for the Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to enable me to represent the needs of our membership in the hospital. I am employed in the trust as a library assistant in the education centre; however I have two days a week to fulfill my duties as lead steward (Monday and Friday). I have a special interest in equality and ensuring that all staff are treated equality. Liz also attends Regional and National meetings.


Kat Holloway: Branch Secretary and BAOT Rep

Kat Holloway Contact number: 01226 299607/01226 432875.  BAOT Rep and Branch Secretary.  I currently work part time.  I am the branch secretary and oversee the running of the branch whilst also representing BAOT and UNISON members.


Darren Nunn: Health & Safety Officer

Darren Nunn Contact Number: 01226 299607.  Health and Safety Officer.

I’ve worked with the Trust for over 30 years.  I currently work within the Estates and Facilities. My work follows many path routes including Portering, Projects and Facilities.

  • Portering – I deputise as Manager in the absence of the Portering Manager
  • Projects – I undertake office assessments based on guidance for the Space Utilisation Policy. Feedback this information to the Space Utilisation Group, decisions are made at Director level. I then liaise with the associated areas to coordinate the office/ward/department/unit moves around the Trust  
  • Facilities – I work with the Facilities Manager to conduct and take Lead on PLACE inspections